Secrets of Beating Poker Bots in Online Casinos


Poker has improved bots massively last year from what is really no more than toys to the sophisticated poker winning tools they’ve become today. So, how about the evolution of the poker game? Is it game over for us lowly human players? Not really I would argue, while poker bots are able to win consistently in certain scenarios there are weaknesses for exploiting our human advantage.


1) Play at No Limit games. The vast majority of bots play at Fixed Limit Poker tables is capable of playing at ‘NL’ games 우리카지노

2) Poker bots are designed to be very exploited by very weak players at micro level games. At these games a decent, solid playing style will enable poker robots to take down many pots. As stakes increase the level of play and the bots sturges – so look for these games and you’ll be sure to have human opponents


3) The standard of play by bots is still generally weak – perhaps the best advice is to study and improve your game. Basic advice I know but very true – study a few books, get some experience and you’ll have to fear from most bots


4) Play at sites actively seeking and using the bots – for example Party Poker or Pokerstars. Clearly you have some protection if the site is hunting down the bots


5) If you can’t beat them, join them! Try a bot yourself. I use them regularly to play through the early stages where play is weak (and boring!) And then take over myself.


Poker bots are here to stay and are constantly improving but follow my advice and – for now – you’ll have little to fear.

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