Novel Outline – The Scourge Of Writers Or The Journey Of A Lifetime

So, you have a goal of writing fiction. You have a genre in mind. You even have ideas for some great characters and an intriguing story. You don’t want to be confined by resorting to a novel outline. Is there any reason you shouldn’t just sit down and start writing?

Actually, there are several. The one we’ll explore here is that without a plan you are almost guaranteed to get off to a running start only to hit a wall and have no idea what to do next. There are countless unpublished novelists with numerous beginnings crammed in a drawer they can’t bring themselves to open.

Contrary to what many aspiring writers believe, having a plot, or a map of your character’s journey, does not restrain your creativity. In fact, it is the opposite. Every day, when you put your pen to the paper, or your fingers to the keyboard, you will know what to do. You won’t be staring at a blank piece of paper wondering, “What now นิยายวาย?”

Compare it to going on a vacation you are looking forward to. Knowing the destination, and having plans to visit certain sights, won’t hamper your enjoyment. It will enhance it. Although you have a layout of the direction you will take, you are free take in the pleasures that await you in what ever way you choose.

It is the same with your novel. You have a basic outline of where your characters are going and the troubles they will encounter. This is your roadmap. However, as you write them into the predicaments you have placed ahead of them, you will undoubtedly be inspired by new ideas that will excite you in ways pondering over a blank page never could.

This is where you will find your voice as a writer. And, since you have already developed your characters with back-stories and names that were tailored to their unique identities, you know them as well as you know your best friends. You probably know them better.

You know the struggles that are ahead for them. Intellectually, you are aware that they are fictional. Yet, you feel for them. As strange as it may sound right now, to you they are as real as anyone else you know.

You dream of them. You wake with wonderful new twists to add to the dilemmas that are in store for them. You ache for the suffering you are forced to put them through. When your story is over, you miss them. You miss them terribly.

They are that real to you because you knew them down to their souls before you ever wrote the first word of your novel. That is what a detailed novel outline will do for you. And that, my fellow writer, is precisely why your readers will know them, and care for them, and remember them long after they have closed your book.