Winning at Video Poker – Remove the Psychological Edge


If you don’t think the casinos work hard at getting a psychological advantage in video poker, then you’re fooling your self. They’ve the matches programmed in their favor, but that isn’t enough, they need more. It is possible to remove their emotional edge, will show you in one minute.

The 6 Month Loser

After moving into vegas it did not take long to become totally hooked on video poker. For the first a few months I lost my buttocks. I played everyone domino99 else, looking for the very best cover tables, sticking to a machine until it got sexy, all the rules that the casinos must’ve had the writers write in their books about playing video poker.

As I watched people play, I saw them get”hooked”, it’s that”emotional hook”.

What is a Emotional Deck?

In betting terms it’s something which causes you to forget about all logic, all you could want to do is keep playing, you want revenge. It’s really a vicious habit, it looks as if you’re close to winning, but you don’t. They tell you that the equipment has to find hot, but it does not. You continue putting money in the video poker software, it seems like it wants to hit, now you’re chasing your money.

Have you been there before? I really have. Do you determine the way the casino has it ever worked out thus that their advantage is even bigger than the odds programmed into the machine?

It is Almost Addictive

It is addictive. Individuals won’t leave the system for fear somebody will sit down and win their funds. You may see people talking and cursing at the machine. They lose 7 days a week and can’t wait to go back the very next day to find a second beating. I know, I have been there.

The casinos have achieved a superb job at concealing these hooks from the Videopoker game.

Now, we have to unhook ourselves and undo the device. I really don’t care if you play online or at the casino, this hook will probably fetch you.

Removing the Psychological Edge

The first thing you have to do is to keep Educate yourself relating to it edge. As you play, fight old temptations, the people who emotionally trap in to playing dumb. Remember It is a machine with a computer chip, it’s programmed to take your hard earned money, it takes it slowly and keeps you coming back for longer.

Next, you must have a strategy. You want to knowhow bicycles work, you need to find out how to deal with your money, and you also have learn how to stay emotionally new. One of those sneaky things happens is you get tired, you become fatigued and also make mistakes. This raises the advantage for the casinos. You think they continuously function you FREE drinks for nothing? I laugh at the word FREE, until I shifted my manners a little glass of FREE Pepsi (as long as I had been playing with video poker) wound up costing me $100.00 plus hint. Free my behind.

If you genuinely want to lose less and win more playing video poker, you must focus on those aspects which will change lives if playing.

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